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Paris, France

Paris, France

With its grand monuments, elegant cathedrals and exquisite cuisine, it’s no wonder the fetching city of Paris is one of the most visited destinations in the world.

Meander yourself up the spiralling staircase of the Eiffel Tower or, if you prefer, use the aid of the elevator.   Either way, you will ultimately find yourself soaring above the sprawling city of Paris, the capital of France.  Sublime sceneries render your jaw to drop and your eyes to widen.   Famous for its flawless panoramas and colossal height, the Eiffel Tower is one of Paris’s most visited attractions.

Only a short stroll away is a remarkable restaurant titled ‘Relais de La Tour’, meaning Relay of the Tower, in English.  Its cuisine is mouth-watering and its service pleasurable.   Two flamboyant waiters, Patrick and Rafik, portray the characteristics of typical French men.  Their persistent smiles and enjoyable conversations make for a superb dining experience.

When travelling with children in Paris, Euro Disney is a much anticipated location.   With its entertaining rides, remarkable parades and groovy cafés and restaurants, Euro Disney is a satisfying site to keep both children and parents content.  From exploring Tarzan’s Tree house to screaming on a rollercoaster, Euro Disney has something suited for everyone.   Make a memory by witnessing the illustrious Disney Parade, where beloved Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Mary Poppins and Ariel can be spotted singing and dancing to their favourite music.  While making your way to the next ride, you may notice Disney characters roaming around the amusement park.  Be sure to ask for an autograph or photo with them.

Wander up to Sacré Coeur, a church dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus, to view the city from towering heights.  The impeccable landscape seen from this historic structure is just a little taste of this minor basilica.  Travelling on, you’ll find various souvenir shops, art studios and cafés.  Sacré Coeur is also well known for its blissful crêpes.   Artists frequently plead to sketch a portrait of you whilst you sit outside a charming café, sipping coffee. 

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Things to do and Places to visit:

The Eiffel Tower =
Euro Disney =
Sacré Coeur =
The Louvre =
Relais de La Tour = 27 Avenue de la Bourdonnais


Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is knwon as Belgium’s medievil city for four reasons beginning with C, canals, chocolate, cobble stones and carriages. Chocolate shops can be found in every direction. Many tourists lurk around the Market Square. This is where you can hop onto a horse-drawn carriage and ride along the cobblestone roads, or explore Bruges’ famous Bell Tower.

To look at Bruges from a different perspective, why not take a half-hour boat ride down the canals, where you are treated to jaw-dropping scenery and historical buildings almost completely covered in ivy. The oldest bridge in Bruges (located at the western end of Spaase Loskaai), which dates back to 1391, is also included on the tour. This bridge was originally built by the monks in their nearby monastery to make the town easily accessible.

Bikes are another form of transport to see the city. They are available for hire and are inexpensive. Riding these bikes out to the windmills is a must-do whilst in Bruges. As they are on the outskirts of the city there is no crowd, just the bike, the windmills, and you. There are four windmills in total. They were built from the late 1700s to the late 1800s, however, most of them were rebuilt in the 1990s. Two of these windmills are still used for grinding flour and are available for tourists to climb for a small fee (2 Euros).

The Chocolate Museum (Choco-Story) is one of Bruges’ main attractions. This museum represents what Bruges is most famous for, chocolate! Here, you can learn about the process of making Belgian chocolate, talk about chocolate with experts, and even taste the chocolate yourself.

Places to Visit and Things To Do:

The Chocolate Museum (Choco-Story):
Bruges Bike Rental (Niklaas Desparsstraat 17, Bruges) :
Horse Drawn Carriage Rides & Bell Tower – Markt (Market Sqaure)

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