Diverse Dunedin – New Zealand

Diverse Dunedin – New Zealand

Dense green grass coats every inch of the gorgeous city, making Dunedin’s prairies the perfect grazing site for sheep.

Venture up onto the greener than green hillsides to explore Larnach’s Castle. This medieval structure, once home to the Larnach family, is renowned for its beautiful grounds, unblemished panoramas and complex architecture. The castle itself is complete with aged photographs of the family and authentic furniture. Amble to the tower’s highest point to view a flawless vista, bursting with magnificent flora and fauna. The various gardens have a theme, Alice in Wonderland, a much loved book. Wonderland characters such as the Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter and Alice herself are placed throughout the grounds. But the much anticipated find is indeed the best hidden, will you find the Cheshire Cat?

Continue on to Baldwin Street, which is well known for being the steepest street in the world. If you’re feeling adventurous, have a go at walking it! But if you’re more fit, fun and fired up, have a go at running. At its steepest, Baldwin street is nineteen degrees. For a family fun-filled event, don’t miss Cadbury’s giant Jaffa race. Witness the journey of 25,000 jaffa lollies as they dash towards the bottom of Baldwin Street. Each giant jaffa is hand numbered from 1-25,000 and tickets with the same numbers are available for purchase in New Zealand. The first five to the bottom of Baldwin are winners! Two charities sell the tickets and the money raised is donated towards those charities. Complete with rare yet iconic entertainment, a good cause, and not forgetting the giant jaffas, what’s not to love?

Vintage trucks, purple buildings and the sweet scent of chocolate screams Cadbury World! Take a guided tour to educate yourself on how Cadbury World operates. Watch in awe as you observe machines and people work hard, manufacturing the world’s most loved chocolate. However, this enjoyment comes with a price – hairnets and snoods must be worn whilst visiting the factory! On the flip side, this may benefit you as you snort and giggle at your family and friends. Soaring high above the ground is a purple silo, hike up its spiral stairs to witness a jaw dropping surprise – I won’t give it away! From the cocoa bean to the satisfying products in the supermarket, Cadbury World shows you everything in between. Leave Cadbury World with a bursting belly, filled with the liquid chocolate that you get to sample and the many iconic products given throughout the tour. If you’re hoping for some extra treats, study up on the Cadbury products beforehand.

From picturesque vistas, record breaking streets and a factory full of chocolaty fun, Dunedin is quite diverse, ensuring that there is something for every traveller, family or couple.

May the Travel-Bug be with you………

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